Lunar, also known as the Silver Star, is a magical world brought to life by the Goddess Althena. The goddess Althena, along with her dragons, have dwelt on Lunar amongst the humans and beastmen for countless ages, ever protective and loving.

For as long as history records, Althena has re-appeared amongst her children and kept peace with the help of her servants, the legendary warriors known as Dragonmasters. However, fifteen years ago, the last Dragonmaster, Dyne, perished while in service to Althena, and the Goddess Althena has not been seen since. Since that time, there has not been another Dragonmaster.

And the world may yet need a new Dragonmaster -- for while everything is calm on the surface, many believe the world of Lunar will soon be plunged into chaos. Hushed whispers tell of the long-forgotten Vile Tribe on the move, lead by a shadowy figure known only as the Magic Emperor.