The main character of the story, Alex is a young boy from the remote mountain village of Burg. For as long as he can remember, he has dreamed of embarking on a grand adventure -- just like his hero, the late Dragonmaster Dyne. Close


Alex's adopted step sister and childhood friend, Luna is renowned for her great singing ability. A kind, caring girl, she sometimes acts like an older sister to Alex, even though they are the same age. Although she tries not to show it, Luna has many questions about herself, and is sometimes worried about a recurring dream she often has. Close


Nall is a strange winged creature who can fly and talk, but otherwise looks like a cat -- although don't call ever him one! Like Luna, Nall was adopted by Alex's family, although they assumed he was just a normal cat... until one day he sprouted wings and began talking! Alex and Nall are best friends, and often inseparable. Close


A self-proclaimed 'elite' wizard from the Magic School of Vane, Nash has a very bad superiority complex. In truth, however, Nash lacks confidence in himself. Close


As daughter of Lemia Ausa and a member of the esteemed Ausa family, Mia was born into a life of privilege. As such, she is a very shy, withdrawn young lady but nonetheless very talented. Although she tries not to show it, she is worried about her mother's recent erratic behavior. Close


Jessica is the only daughter of Mel, the Governor of Meribia, and is a priestess-in-training. Although her father believes her to be a proper girl, Jessica is actually somewhat of a tomboy, and prone to frequently skip class. Close


Ramus is the son of the village chief of Burg and childhood friends with Alex. He is overweight and the townspeople consider him an underachiever, but he has big dreams. Close


Kyle is the well-known bandit in charge of the Nanza Barrier, which sits at an important intersection of several regions Lunar. Kyle is known for his drunken womanizing, as well as the ridiculous fees he charges businessmen and traders who must pass through. Close


One of the Four Heroes and the current Premier of the Magic Guild of Vane. He was Dragonmaster Dyne's best friend, and some say he never fully recovered from the Dragonmaster's unfortunate early death. Close


The leader of the forgotten Vile Tribe, Xenobia and her sisters have been rumored to be stirring up trouble in the wastelands of the Frontier. Close